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New Newspaper Program

New Newspaper Program Starts Monday, May 5th
Key Factors
It is very important that you become familiar with the Newspaper scanned based program that begins May 5th.
Important points:
· Verify all PLU keys are set up for all newspapers
sold at your store
· Verify your employees are properly ringing
· Pay any outstanding newspaper invoices prior to
May 9
· Do not pay any invoices starting May 5th

Attention All Stores:
Effective Monday, May 5th, 2014 Scan Based Trading for newspapers will be implemented in your market and will be the only approved method for newspaper sales at 7-Eleven. The Nexxus Group has been selected to administer the program for 7-Eleven. Our new Scan Based Trading program has many advantages including eliminating store level cash vendor payments and invoice reconciliation.

Scan Based Trading for newspapers has been successfully implemented in the North Florida zone since November 4, 2013 with great results. Franchisees enjoy not having to reconcile invoices and make payment for newspapers on a weekly basis. Instead, all payments to the newspaper distributor are made by Nexxus based on your scanned sales data. Following is a sample of the feedback we got from the N. Florida zone:
“So far all the stores are loving it because it’s now based on what the store is selling in the ISP unlike before. The stores feel more confident now that it’s centralized that they are not going to get ripped off from the newspaper delivery person.” Field Consultant

“Scan based trading improves vendor billing, audit accuracy, and eliminates store tasks like checking in newspaper vendors and filling out logs. This allows our store team to save time and effort to focus on other areas of the business.” Market Manager

IMPORTANT: Because Newspaper distributors will only be paid for the newspapers that are recorded in our point of sale system, it is absolutely critical that all papers that are sold are either scanned or rung up thru a newspaper specific (ex. New York Times) PLU key. Please communicate this to all your employees. Do not use a generic department key to record newspaper sales! If you are diligent in following this practice, you will love the simplicity of Scan Based Trading for newspapers.

Scan Based Trading does not eliminate the need for you to hold on to unsold papers for return to your newspaper distributor. They will still need those papers to help reconcile the payments made to them with their own draw and return data. Thru Nexxus we will have the ability to identify discrepancies between our scan data and the Distributor’s Draw and Return data. If there is a consistent large discrepancy between your scanned sales and the distributor’s draw/return data, your store could be audited. If you are diligent about ringing up all newspaper sales this will not be an issue for you.

All invoices for products sold through Sunday, May 4th, 2014 should be reconciled and paid using your old method no later than Friday, May 9, 2014. DO NOT PAY any invoices for products sold beginning Monday, May 5th, 2014. If for any reason a distributor presents an invoice for payment for issue date sales after Monday, May 5th, 2014, please advise them to contact Nexxus Group at or 978-762-3900.

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