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PIN Pad Refresh Project

The installation of the new Pin-pads is coming! A technician will arrive at your store on the date of 4/27/2014 or after.


To prepare for the installation:

* Clear the sales counter area around the PIN pads of any debris and clutter

* Clear the back office area near the network equipment and ISP area of any debris and clutter

* In some stores, the technician will be installing at least two (2) 4pack network Ethernet jacks on the wall within 6 feet of hte back office network equipment. The technician may need to move/remove papers attached to the wall (anything removed will be placed on the ISP desk).

* Equipment will arrive at the store no earlier than 2 days in advance of the install

* The equipment will be delivered to the store in one (1) box. DO NOT OPEN THE BOX. Leave it for technician. Any opened boxes could result in fees related to missing or damaged equipment.

* Please have the equipment available for the technician the evening of the installation. The equipment should not be in a locked office. If equipment is in a locked office, please ensure that the technician

will have access to that area the evening of the installation. Otherwise, the store will incur a $350 cancellation fee.



On the evening of the installation:

* Installations are scheduled to occur between 7:00pm and 4:00am, local store time.

* The technician will remove the existing 6780 Pin Pad and stand and replace with the new iSC350 PIN pad and stand.

* As required by Asset Protection, the PIN pads will be secured to a stand and attached to the sales counter. No exceptions.

* The technician will work on only one POS register at a time and complete the installation of current register before moving onto next POS register. Each register will not be accessible for approximately 1 hour.

* If the store needs to have a 4pack Ethernet network jack installed, the technician will be installing one (1) – 4pack Ethernet network jack per POS register. This will be installed under the sales counter.

* A corresponding 4pack Ethernet network jack will be installed within 6-feet of the store’s back office network equipment.

* The technician will need access to the back office computer to make a configuration change. This will not impact the store adn the ISP will NEVER be taken off-line.

* In the event that further assessment is required to perform the installation of the 4pack Ethernet Network jacks, the installation of the cabling will be rescheduled.

* For verification purposes, the technician will be taking pictures.

The Field Consultant will be notified for all issue resolutions.


If you have any questions, please contact the Deployment Support Team at 800-711-1294.


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